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Water Risks

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Water Risks


Understanding Water Risks is crucial to determine efficient actions at the catchment level. Global sources like the World Resources Institute (WRI) Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas (2019) provide different types of Water Risk indicators that help understanding the water situation in a given area for physical (quantitry and quality), regulatory and Reputational risks. Some of these indicators have been studied in more detail, like the Baseline Water Stress (BWS).

The Baseline Water Stress (Aqueduct, 2019) is an average yearly value across years (1950 – 2010) representing the ratio between water withdrawals and blue water available for a given catchment (all water flowing into the catchment from upstream catchments minus upstream consumptive use plus runoff in the catchment). The BWS values provided by Aqueduct are categorized as low - medium (10-20%) for the whole Basin Catchment (See map).



  • Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas - link