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Protected and natural areas

The Snake River plain and Treasure Valley are the name of ecoregions levels III and IV as per the EPA US ecoregion classification. The Treasure Valley is a sub-ecoregion of the Snake River plain in south-west Idaho. The regions are classified as cold deserts. We use here the delineation of the eco-region as provided by EPA (2018). See references section.


Conservation sites map represent a variety of ecosystems and typically have intact ecological processes, exemplary native plant communities, unique geologic processes, or important habitat for species (e.g., Important Bird Areas). Conservation site boundaries often include most of the land area necessary to maintain the ecological processes of interest.


  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game - Conservation sites - link
  • Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US) - link
  • EPA - Level III and IV Ecoregions of the Continental United States - link