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Frio - Sevilla Catchments

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Catchment Resilience Rio Frio and Sevilla are two rivers flowing from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (>5000 masl) into the Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta (Ramsar wetland), with a population of about 14000 people. The main economic activity is agriculture (rainfed and irrigated). Surface (mostly) and groundwater are used for irrigation. The banana (irrigated) and coffee (rainfed) produced in the two catchments are exported. Palm oil (irrigated) is produced for local consumption. Levels of water stress in the basins are high during the first months of the year, often environmental flow requirements are not complied with. The low flows impact the fragile Ramsar wetland at the river mouth. Floods are also common in the region with important economic losses for the agri-business. Restoration and conservation of ecosystems upstream and downstream as well as a strong dialogue between agricultural groups and other sectors and stakeholders, are a ready-made opportunity for engagement and investment.

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Above ground carbon debt in catchment

An above ground carbon debt exists and is lower then the global average
Landcover based on probav 2019